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Pineapple Hash Train is a special creation that we have had in the works for years.  Way back in the 70’s we acquired a landrace Afghan strain and worked it through the generations until it became an IBL.  We called it 911 because the first plants were always ready for harvest on September 11th.  It became a tradition to start harvesting this fast finishing Indica every year on that day.  After working that line for the better part of 30 years we decided to add a little splash of tropical to the mix.  By adding our Pineapple Trainwreck male as the pollinator the Pineapple Hash Train (Afghan x Pineapple Trainwreck)  was born!  Frosty sphere shaped buds will have a range of sweet island floral, musky, and strong trainwreck terps.  These plants are a real favorite of ours and defiantly add some rare new genetics to any garden.  49-54 day flower with an avg.-above avg. yield.

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**Limited Breeding

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