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Mendo Breath Bx is a Tiger stripe Genetic Big Cat Kush (Mendo Breath x Maximus) male, backcrossed into our favorite phenotype of Mendo Breath. The mother to these seeds is an extraordinary frosty, deep purple almost black plant and she shows through nicely in the progeny. ┬áThe buds have the classic purple that people have come to expect from the Tiger Stripe lineup, with an unbelievable amount of frosty trichomes. The plants are very Indica dominant, plants will grow shorter and bushy, with golf ball shape and sized buds that are rock hard. The smell is very pungent, sweet berries, tart, and overripe funk, gym socks and dog farts. ┬áHave you ever smelled something so bad its good? That’s how the Mendo Bx smells! Flower time is 8 weeks indoor and Mid October outside.

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