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Big Cat Kush Big Cat Kush was created by crossing 2 heavy hitting west coast strains (Mendo Breath x Maximus) expect above average to high yield crops with buds dripping in trichomes. Mendo Breath lends tons of purples to the plants with lots of color in fade during flowering. Maximus is a double Chemdog and brings an increased plant size and yield, with tons of gasoline heavy Chemdog smelling terpenes. Plants tend to grow to a medium height with large bud sites, and a bushy canopy. 3 main Phenotypes include, Mendo Breath dominant 70%, evenly blended 15%, and Chemdog dominant 15%. Many of the females put out buds that are dipped in purple frosting, and have a heavy dark fade with a rainbow of color during flower. Chemdog dominant phenos will have less purple but the flowers are just as frosty with neon orange hairs, and gassy terpenes. The blended pheno is a beautiful combo of color and gas, we really can’t decide which pheno is our favorite, they are all stunning! The smell will reek of pungent overripe berries, gassy funk, and hints of grape tart. Flower time 8 weeks indoor, and mid October outdoors. The strain is perfect for outdoor gardens, cold tolerant plants that won’t let you down come Fall. Indoors the strain will produce exotic flowers that will hold their own with the most designer strains available today hands down!

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